How to Screenshot on Dell Laptop

A screenshot is an easy way to note down important things. It is important to record things that are difficult to write it down as it will take more time. Thus, it is vital for everyone who uses a laptop to understand how to make a screenshot. There are various methods and guidelines to take a screenshot. One of the most popular techniques is to use the PrtScn button on your laptop. Using the PrtScn button is the easiest way to make a screenshot. Usually, all dell laptops have a PrtScn key.

Before we start, make sure your keyboard is working.

The article will show methods how to take a screenshot on a Dell Laptop.

  1. Open the file or page on which you want to take a screenshot. For instance, if you’re going to take a screenshot of a webpage open it. All things that appear on the screen will be captured. However, the mouse cursor will not be captured.
  2. Find PrtScn on your Dell’s keyboard. It is usually located at the upper right of Dell keyboard. It is situated between “Insert” and “Delete” keys.

As you press “PrtScn”, anything that is on the screen will be captured, and photo will be copied to clipboard if you want to take a specific webpage. You will need to select the webpage and then click on the “PrtScn” button. In some Dell models, you need to hold Fn+PrtScn.

Press the Window button and PrtScn simultaneously

You can take a screenshot by pressing the Window button and PrtScn button simultaneously. As you press both buttons; the display will get dim for a while, which indicates that the screenshot is taken. If it did not appear dark, then Hold Window button and pressing PrtScn button. You may find Window button at the bottom left corner located between Fn and Alt.

Alt + PrtScn

In some Dell laptop, you have to hold Alt button and then press the PrtScn button to take a screenshot. For instance, you have an essential mail, and you want to share it as a jpg file. You will open an email and then Press Alt+PrtScn. As you release button, the screenshot is taken, and it is copied to clipboard. Now you need to open the Paint program and then press Ctrl+V or Click on Edit and then press paste, or you can click right button of your mouse and then click on paste button from the menu. Your screenshot will be pasted to Paint program, and now you can save it as a Jpg or other format.

Snipping Tool

You can also utilize the snipping tool to capture anything you want. Open the “Snipping Tool” application and open a file, a page or an email which you want to save as a picture. Then click on New from Snipping tool and capture the screen.

Recommended third party software

You may install third-party software to take a screenshot on your Dell laptop. There are various types of software that you may use to take a screenshot of essential things. For instance, Greenshot, DuckLink Capture, Lightshot and Jing are a few software used for making a screenshot. 

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